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Unleash your vision with Continuum plugins.

Continuum gives you access to stunning visual effects and workflow solutions that fit any content creation need. The easy-to-use interface includes 300+ effects, 40 transitions, and 5000+ presets and is optimized to give you fast performance in many popular video editing and VFX applications.

Use AI-powered tools to reduce noise and upscale images, add pro film textures, apply broadcast-ready transitions, fix footage fast, instantly generate motion graphics elements with Particle Illusion’s 3D particle animations, or even build 2D/3D vector titles with Title Studio. This isn’t just a plugin package — it’s creative freedom.

Why Continuum?

Elegant lighting and diffusion effects
Fix your footage from blurry shots to skin touch-ups
Distort and stylize your footage for the perfect look
Film looks and grains for that classic analog look
Mocha tracking built into every effect
Animate your effects to the beat of music
Drag and drop transitions
Film looks and grains for that classic analog look
Easy greenscreen composites

One ultimate package with endless possibilities

Light & Diffusion

Change a scene’s lighting with a simple click.

Take your story to the next level with beautiful and elegant lighting effects.

Distort & Stylize

Degrade your footage for a retro or classic damaged film/video look.

Change the feel of your shot using sophisticated light leaks, hyper realistic blurs, or powerful glows.

Film Looks & Grain

Channel your inner analog filmmaker with The Cinematographer Toolkit.

Instantly transform your footage with curated presets featuring the best film emulation options in the business.

Image Restoration

Why “fix it in post” exists.

Bring blurry shots back to life, retouch skin, get rid of banding + more.


Say goodbye to challenging greenscreens with a few simple clicks with Primatte Studio.

Fine-tune your composite with a number of edge tools that take the capabilities of your host further than ever before.

Motion Graphics

Create stunning lens flares or design professional animated intro graphics with the help of Particle Illusion and Title Studio.

Continuum includes a robust set of effects and graphic templates for every project imaginable.

Audio Reaction

Make your effects bounce to music with Continuum’s auto-animating Beat Reactor. Quickly add major production value with just a few clicks.

Mocha Tracking

Unleash the power of every Continuum effect with Mocha’s award-winning planar tracking tools.

Perform complicated masking tasks and track position data with ease and precision.


Transitions are an essential part of your storytelling toolkit and with Continuum we have 40+ available for all your production needs.

Effects showcase

Trusted by Hollywood’s Best

Continuum powers the multiverse in Everything Everywhere All At Once

Learn how 5 artists tackled the majority of the VFX and created the highly-stylized broken mirror look for the multiverse scenes throughout the film.

Works where you work

System requirements

Mac OS
OS Requirements
  • Catalina 10.15 or higher
  • Note that Continuum ML filters require Monterey 12.0 or higher
Processor (CPU)
  • Apple M-series or Intel processors
System Memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred
Graphics Processor (GPU)
  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.
  • High-speed disk array or SSD storage
OS Requirements
  • Windows 10 and Windows 11
Processor (CPU)
  • Intel or AMD CPU with four or more cores
System Memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB minimum, 16+ GB preferred
Graphics Processor (GPU)
  • Most modern graphics cards from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel are supported.
  • High-speed disk array or SSD storage

New for 2024.5

  • BCC+ Retimer ML

    Generate crisp, clear time warps without nasty artifacts.
  • BCC+ Witness Protection ML

    Hide, mask & track multiple faces in record time.
  • BCC+ Color Link

    Link the color of a background plate to a foreground layer. Includes 20 built-in blend modes and multiple sampling methods.
  • Updated Effects

    Featured in Key and Blend, Warp, Stylize, and Transitions categories. Plus, BCC+ Denoise ML is 2x faster with more models.
  • Particle Illusion Improvements

    Use easy-to-use presets to carve an emitter's position path, quickly replace complex emitters, and find parameters fast with a new built-in search.
  • Performance Boost

    Experience speedier playback in the FX Editor and improved performance when Mocha tracking.

Retimer ML

Say no to unwanted artifacts, and hello to sleek smooth time warps with animated ramping driven by BCC+ Retimer’s state-of-the-art ML models.

  • Easily speed up or slow down the timing of a selected frame range
  • Keyframe your effects for maximum impact
  • Works great on uneven time percentages
Learn More About Retimer | 11:35

*Not available for FCP

Witness Protection ML

Witness Protection ML is a powerful new feature that automatically detects all human faces in a scene. It then masks and tracks them in an instant!

  • Faster Mocha masking allows you to fine-tune challenging situations
  • Obscure identities with four options: Blur, Mosaic, Brightness/Contrast, and Tint
  • Easily mix and blend obscuration effects with each other
Learn More About Witness Protection ML | 11:42

Link color values from one clip to another in any host with flexibility and speed. BCC+ Color Link is an ideal effect for motion graphics artists, compositors, and editors alike.

  • Dynamically color link or sample color frame by frame — perfect for shots with light fluctuation
  • Choose from over 20 different blending modes
  • Integrate glow, color correction, and drop shadow controls for the best end result
  • Full 32- bit float color processing
Learn More About ColorLink | 18:25

Updated Effects

Continuum 2024.5 ships with a ton of effect updates.

  • BCC+ Denoise ML: A newly trained model performs twice as fast as the previous shipping version
  • Compare mode with BCC+ Effects: Easily see before-and-after results on your original clip after applying an effect directly in the host
  • Key and Blend Unit: BCC+ Edge Cleaner, BCC+ Light Wrap, BCC+ Spill Remover, BCC+ Linear Luma Key
  • Warp Unit: BCC+ Polar Warp
  • Stylize Unit: BCC+ Mosaic
  • Transitions Unit: BCC+ Mosaic Dissolve

Particle Illusion Improvements

Particle Illusion adds more creative features that are perfect for motion graphics workflows.

  • Position Paths: You can now easily scale, transform, and rotate the entire path and take advantage of new presets for a variety of path animations.
  • Replace Emitter Function: Use it to swap out emitters and keep complex simulations intact!
  • Parameter Search: Allows you to easily find the value you're looking for with a simple text search. You can use it to highlight a parameter or even isolate it.
  • Resultant Gradient: Now displayed when editing color or alpha gradient.
Learn More About Particle Illusion | 05:04

Faster Performance

Continuum 2024.5 is faster than ever before by tapping into your computer and host application technology to help you meet critical deadlines.

  • Enhanced FX Editor playback with a brand new built-in caching mechanism
  • Distributed rendering support available to Avid enterprise-level clients
  • Improved GPU accuracy delivers accelerated tracking in Mocha

AI-Powered Noise Removal

Instantly enhance your video quality with the BCC+ DeNoise ML effect — your one-click solution for clear visuals.

  • Artifact Removal: Eliminates noise from low-light and compression artifacts
  • One-Click Efficiency: Drag-and-drop simplicity for immediate results
  • Intelligent Analysis: Auto-analyzes images to preserve and boost detail
Learn more about DeNoise | 4:58

Revolutionary AI Upscaling

Transform your footage with BCC+ UpRes ML, the ultimate tool for scaling up any format size right from the comfort of your preferred host.

  • Format Flexibility: Handles all format sizes for consistent, high-quality results
  • Detail Preservation: Sharpens and maintains fine details during enlargement
  • Selective Zoom: Offers zoom-in capabilities to enhance specific clip regions
Learn more about UpRes | 4:33

See the ML tools for yourself

Slide to see the results.

Visualize Sound in Motion

Make your music come alive with BCC+ Audio Visualizer. The effect intelligently matches the sound in your video to a base audio spectrum of lines, dots or circles. Then push it further with:

  • Fine tuned controls for the size, position, and rotation of your current display plus 3D properties
  • Finish composites by coloring, reflecting, and warping the visualizer
  • Pin the effect with integrated Mocha parameter tracking
  • Easily add a background

Get started with Audio Visualizer | 18:52

Learn how to create your own custom designs | 29:04

AI Enhanced Particles And More

Particle Illusion adds more creative features perfect for motion graphics workflows.

  • Generate any sprite you want to use in an emitter with a simple text prompt
  • 3D Particle Lines
  • Improvements with the new Inherited Velocity
  • More properties can be controlled within your host and respond with Beat Reactor

Learn more about Particle Illusion | 10:17

150+ New Presets

Continuum 2024 adds tons of professionally-designed presets to help you quickly hone on the effects, looks, and transitions that your projects need.

Save time and work more creatively with new presets across Audio Visualizer, Lens Flare, SuperLED, Eye Light, Film Glow, and Transition effect categories.

Previous releases

Super LED Effect

Quickly recreate the look of LED screens and billboards by transforming your shots, text, and particles into a pattern of dazzling pixels. Includes 25 professionally designed presets.

Watch how Super LED works.

Improved Mocha Parameter Tracking

Easily place must-have BCC+ effects including BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED, and BCC+ Light in any scene.

Simply click the button at the top of your desired BCC+ effect to access a point or corner pin tracker using the same Mocha tools you’ve come to know and love.

Watch how Mocha Parameter tracking works.

Particle Illusion Update

Particle Illusion adds even more creative features perfect for motion graphics workflows.

  • Emit particles from any text or mask-based source in your host.
  • Boost the creativity of your particle animations with particle trails.
  • Easily update particle colors with an enhanced gradient editor and presets.
  • Add organic motion using force object direction turbulence.
  • Create faster with dozens of usability improvements.

See Particle Illusion's new tools in action.

Beat Reactor Comes to BCC+ Effects

One of the features that sets Continuum apart is Beat Reactor which lets video editors drive effects (and stories) forward by animating effects to audio. It’s now included in 40 BCC+ effects.

  • Animate popular properties such as glow, flicker, opacity, and glitch values.

Choose your audio source, identify your preferred levels, and let Beat Reactor do the rest.

Discover what you can do with Beat Reactor.

Silver Screen Style

Continuum adds three new creative options to the always-popular film style category, which features 20+ effects and hundreds of presets.

  • BCC+ Smoke and Fog: Add auto-animating sprite smoke presets to graphics and footage.
  • BCC+ Light Flicker: Apply precise or random photorealistic light flicker to any shot.
  • BCC+ Orbs: Add colored orbs that move randomly throughout shots.

See what you can create with the new effects.

A Cut Above

Building upon Continuum 2023’s new GPU-accelerated transitions, the mid-year release adds another slick transition with 13 included presets.

  • BCC+ Flutter Cut: Gain total control over the energetic transition’s look and feel with new properties.

Learn how to use BCC+ Flutter Cut on your next project.

150+ More Presets

Continuum 2023.5 adds tons of professionally designed presets to help you quickly hone on the effects, looks, and transitions that your projects need.

Save time and work more creatively with new presets across Film Style, Stylize, and Transition effect categories.

New for 2023

  • New Effect! BCC+ Atmospheric Glow- a versatile filter combining multiple light textures into a single effect.
  • New Transitions! 10 powerful transitions including BCC+ Swish Prism, BCC+ Film Roll, BCC+ Texture Wipe and more.
  • Updated Particle Illusion: Better performance, UI changes, and improved 3D model handling.
  • Updated Effect! BCC+ Film Glow Effect gets brighter with a secondary glow option.
  • New Presets! 250+ new professionally designed and curated presets.

New! Instant Radiance with Atmospheric Glow

Say hello to your new favorite glow effect. It harnesses the power of multiple light types into a single effect. Create a pristine glow and punch it up with automatic flicker, lens textures, and atmospheric effects like rays and smoke.

New! Up Your Edit Game with 10 High-Octane Transitions

Transitions drive stories forward. Continuum 2023 has 10 new GPU-accelerated and preset driven transitions including the new Film Roll and Swish Warp. Easily work with on-screen controls to dial in the movement just the way you want it.

New! 250+ New Presets to Ignite Creativity

Every editor knows the importance of finding inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Continuum 2023 has you covered with an additional 250+ artist presets. Find them in your favorite BCC+ effects including Film Glow, Light, Prism, Camera Shake, and Chromatic Abberation

New for 2022.5

  • 15 new accelerated transitions & 5 effects
  • Lots of presets: 60+ new transition and effect presets including Video Glitch, Light Leaks, and Camera Shake
  • Speed improvements: Up to 35% quicker renders for all BCC+ effects
  • FX Editor: New user-friendly onscreen controls
  • Particle Illusion: UI improvements, Text/Mask Emitters and 3D model support
  • Mocha masking workflow improvements

New in 2022.5: It All Starts with Transitions

Every editor knows the importance of transitions to drive stories forward. Continuum 2022.5 includes 15 GPU-accelerated transitions to assist you in a variety of content creation. Transport viewers to another scene with Crash Zoom, use light leaks to elegantly move between scenes, and up your essential dissolve arsenal with both Film Glow and Prism Dissolve. Work faster with new FX Editor presets and even blend essential dip to color or blur effects to the mix.

New in 2022.5: Take the Leap with 3D Models and Particle Illusion

The next evolution of Particle Illusion brings 3D models to the user-friendly generator. Import Maxon Cinema 4D files and map particles to different surface setups for full creative particle control. After Effects users also have the ability to use text or masked shapes for line simulations.

New in 2022.5: 5 Essential Effects Rebuilt for Speed

Continuum 2022.5 gives creators access to 5 rebuilt stylistic effects. BCC+Film Glow, Video Glitch, Light Leaks, Magic Sharp, and Radial Blur are reengineered to take full advantage of your GPU. Each effect contains new presets to help you visualize your imagery every step of the way.

You can also save your own presets and share them with any host that runs Continuum.

New in 2022.5: Presets and FX Editor Enhancements

The FX Editor is a versatile way to work with every BCC+ effect. New easy-to-use overlay widgets have been added to speed up your workflow along with 60+ new effect and transition presets.

New for 2022

  • Particle Illusion Fluid Dynamics
  • Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support for 350+ effects
  • Native Apple M1 support
  • 60+ movie looks (BCC+Film Stocks) and 50+ gobo presets (BCC+Lights)
  • 6 speedy blurs effects with 80 presets (BCC+Blur)
  • BCC+ adds integrated Mocha tracking & masking
  • BCC+BeautyStudio: Full GPU processing and a cleaner user interface
  • Improved & streamlined PixelChooser
  • Enhanced FX Editor with a slick new user-interface

Particle Illusion: Fast, Fluid Dynamics

The next evolution of Particle Illusion brings fluid dynamics to the user-friendly 3D particle generator. Quickly add organic particle motion to existing emitters that swirl and flow just like in the real world.

Particle Illusion 2022 includes 20+ new presets designed by the pros and delivers a new workflow to easily create your own custom animations. Library Scenes allow you to save multiple emitters, forces/fluids, deflectors, and animation positions as a single preset right inside the massive preset library.

Major Speed Gains

Continuum 2022 is the fastest version of the award-winning plugin collection yet.

Get ready for dramatic speed gains inside After Effects with Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support on over 350 effects, speedier workflows with native Apple M1 support, and overall performance boosts with the addition of more fully GPU-accelerated effects (BCC+).

Create stunning particle animations in no time thanks to huge performance increases delivering up to 5x faster speeds across all supported plugin hosts.

Blazin’ Blurs

The brand-new, innovative BCC+ Smear Blur filter is joining BCC blurs collection adding the ability to create artistic blur effects by smearing or blurring pixels forward and backward along the Z axis while providing the unique option to rotate the smeared/blurred pixels around the Z axis.

The redesigned BCC+ Prism filter also offers the push and twist effect that the Smear Blur offers but in addition to this, it displaces RGB pixels to generate a color separated prismatic effect.

Movie Looks & Gobos

The 2022 release adds 60+ film and TV-inspired color grades (BCC+Film Stocks) to help you transform your footage into iconic and fan-favorite looks with just one click. Highlighted presets include The Wizard of Oz, E.T., The Grand Budapest Hotel, Euphoria, and Stranger Things.

BCC+Light adds 50+ digital gobos presets to bring the overall number of gobos available to over 800 options. Easily test out different gobos in seconds without the added production costs.