Particle Illusion is going through changes in 2018. Stay tuned…

With Particle Illusion you can quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects. Particle Illusion has too many effects to list, and many that would be nearly impossible to describe with words! To give you an idea of some of the effects – it includes: explosions, fire, smoke, fog, waterfalls, sparks, sparkles, fireworks, rain, snow, puddle splashes, motion graphics backgrounds, magic effects, space warps, abstract lights, lava, flocks of birds, geometric shapes, aurora, bubbles, waves, rainbows, light beams – dozens of different types, and hundreds of variations. This large library of effects allows you to create immediately, with no learning curve and almost no effort. You can also customize these effects to create subtle variations or entirely new effects, then save your new presets.

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  • Works as a standalone application or as a plugin
  • Variety – comes with over 3,000 presets
  • Convenient – presets are ready for use as-is – ideal for tight deadlines
  • Flexible – effect presets may be customized for a one-of-a-kind look
  • Fast – high-speed effects engine for fast previews and render times
  • Beautiful – superior images, realistic quality
  • Quickly and easily iterate effect looks

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