Mocha Pro: MegaPlates and Matte Paintings

November 29, 2021

Tracking, MegaPlates, Matte Paintings, and Sky Replacement! Mary Poplin shows how to use Mocha Pro in combination with After Effects and Photoshop to replace the background in this shot with a more dynamic, matte painting.

Mocha Pro’s planar tracking is used for the difficult motion, and the MegaPlate module is used to create a larger than raster backplate for the sky. Linked Magnetic Spline tools speed up the roto work! MegaPlates can be used instead of creating a full matte painting from scratch in order to figure out proper placement and scale for background creation.

In this instance, Mary used MegaPlates in order to know where to place the mountains in the background and how to properly scale the clouds and set. Workflow features Adobe After Effects, but you can do this in any host that supports Mocha Pro.

If you want to learn more in-depth about Mocha’s Mega Plate module, you can check out this video: Find out more on